White Gold or Platinum

People love the idea of a platinum enagement ring. It has a real romance about it that captivates the imagination. Platinum, however, is significantly more expensive than gold to craft. It also tends to lose it's lustre with wear and can be disappointing visually, depending on the alloy. Because of it's strength, though, platinum lends itself to claw settings, pave settings and carved designs.

At JB Jewellers,we find that 19 karat white gold works extremely well in situations where platinum would not be appropriate, and is in fact our most popular choice for the majority of our clients.

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Anonymous said...

hey! thanks for posting on this topic! I find that my generation (I'm 24) has been so taken in by the idea that platinum is strong, we tend to think that the 'shiney' will stay as long as the metal will hold up.

so my question is this: What type of jewellery is platinum good for? (or.. what lifestyle)