Why custom jewellery

Getting a custom designed ring is a lot like purchasing a made to measure suit.
The fit is perfect for you, the materials are terrific and you can expect to get years of pleasure out of wearing it.
It's important to get a ring that is the appropriate size for your hand (long fingers or petite hands, etc.). Your personality and lifestyle will also dictate the design. Are you very active, an A-type personality or perhaps more reserved? Will the stones have to be set in a very strong mounting or can they be delicate?
All these things are addressed in a design appointment, but we have also done this for many clients around North America. A hand tracing will work just fine and a little on-line conversation about lifestyle, etc., even photos or drawings of other things that inspire you will all work.
A ring is usually a significant puchase, often times an emotional one to mark a milestone in your life or those you love.
Remember you can buy a ring anywhere "off the rack", but the advice and experience that an accredited jeweller offers, the attention to detail, the selection of precious metals and stones, are all significant and will make your experience a positive one that you will enjoy for years to come.

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